Debra Lynn Manville AKA Miss Dabree

I am a self-taught painter, beginning at 12 in acrylic, always painting bright colors, forms, shapes and text. I did take many art classes, was accepted to SVA, but ended up attending Rowan for Art, then switched to Film. I also received my certificate for interior design at NYU.  Other art interests are photography, collage, landscaping design and writing. I've always been a big fan of graffiti, probably because the letters are so hard to read that they become forms and take on new meaning. 

Through the years, my artistic language has changed from literal to more abstract and vague. I like to use colors and shapes and forms as a language that speaks for me. 

There's a term I use, "silent" to express art that really catches my eye. It is a juxtaposition of shapes, forms and angles as well as composition that "quiets" the periphery. This is the type of art that I love. I love to see it, share it and produce it. 


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