The story behind Diamonds

For years, I have kept inspiration folders of art that I liked which would warm me up for painting or design. Stretching this idea over a social media platform, I had built up a library of art that I loved on four different art Tumblrs. I sort the art based on it's feeling, color and aesthetic value. Diamonds original name was Fabuluxlishusness, then becoming Baxtourniquet and being changed to Onemilliondiamonds the night before I debuted it on Instagram. The other three are Frosteddonit, Nobodylikesawaggie and Severeextremefocus and still exist as Diamond's sister art blogs.

I ended up sending a curator in the UK a picture of an Anne Neukamp painting. And it hit me. "Why am I just sending it to her, I can send it to all Instagram?" That night, I was discussing it with Gonzalo Espinoza Mera (@krehzone), my collaborator and friend from Chile, and it was decided. Someone had already taken onemilliondiamonds and so I played with the name and made it work. 1milliondiamonds it became!

The baby was born on Instagram on April 27, 2016. 

Gonzalo and I send art to each other, usually on the daily, and so this is why I consider him a silent partner on the Diamonds page. He is an architect and an artist. I am a painter, graphic designer, interior designer..etc. 

I didn't have any plans for Diamonds Instagram except to post art that I liked. That was it and that is it. This idea hasn't changed. I had no clue where it would go, that I would have so many people follow, artists, galleries, curators or how big it would become. I began having super awesome artists that I had always loved and admired follow me too! It is a dream! I really didn't believe that so many people were into the same art as me. <3

I also realized that as the followers grew, my Diamonds page had more functions than originally planned. I could promote emerging/ unknown artists who weren't getting shown, who really could use the connections and I could also promote shows. I still do it daily, for free, because I feel it's necessary to give to the community and also to keep the vision pure. 

1 Million Diamonds is essentially an art gallery minus the rent, but with a much broader audience. 

What is the future? I have some exciting plans. I would like to start having shows, in very gorgeous places. I will begin scouting spots to have shows in soon. Shows will be posted on Diamonds and also here. Perhaps one day, it will become a gallery. That would be nice. I'd love to meet everyone!

We have just expanded by adding a Facebook page for it, which I have Gonzalo co-curating with me.

Clink, clink..Cheers to the future!

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